m e t a n o i a



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  • Label: metanoia
  • Release: 29 Jun, 2018
  • Catalog No: METANOIA036
  • Oberheimer - Mit der Badewanne ueber die Ostsee

  • Oberheimer - Auch Eulen Singen Nachts

A passion fruit, two spoons, and some sugar, and life begins to pulsate.
That’s what our three “Oberheimer’s” must have thought when they
dropped all their instruments in a pot.

This results in their music. A coloured mix of synths, percussions,
classical influences and some kind of spherical quietness.

We are happy about  our next catalogue no. 36
“Mit der Badewanne über die Ostsee“ by Oberheimer,
beacuse as they would say:

“You cannot stop a kangoroo from jumping.”

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