m e t a n o i a



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  • Label: metanoia
  • Release: 28 Nov, 2016
  • Catalog No: METANOIA022

Join us on a voyage to a small place somewhere in the southern hemisphere, where everyone knows your name…and as the sun goes down the enticing sounds of the city arises, to bring new life to the adventures awaiting the evening.


Thank you to my friend and great pianist Alvaro Siculiana for creating the Piano loop for the Incabus Leitmotiv ( Departure)

A huge thank you to Jian Kellet Liew ( soundcloud.co/kyson) and Sadie Walker (soundcloud.co/sadiewalkerband) for sharing their incredible voices (Lost Minds Office, Frantic Avenue respectively) and being a part of this projekt, you made the production of those 2 track a pure pleasure.

Thank you Jenny Sharatt for being the best announcer the Incabus could have ever wished.

A huge thank you to my great friends Nicoló Venturi and Coss for the beautiful Artwork!

Thank you to my friend Felix Wilmsen for sharing some of the tedious midi fighting with me (that’s how you should measure your friendships)

Thank you to Metanoia for boarding this boat together.
An immense thank you to all those who have always been supporting me and who gave me their love and affection. You all know who you are 🙂 thank you <3 And..thank you for listening 😉

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