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Forbidden Orchard

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  • Label: metanoia
  • Release: 03 Jul, 2017
  • Catalog No: METANOIA029
  • coss - Forbidden Orchard

  • coss - Forbidden Orchard (Aluna Renacimiento)

  • coss - Forbidden Orchard (Arutani Remix)

The water of the valley stream
Never shouts at the tainted world: “Purify yourself!”
But naturally, as it is,
Shows how it is done.

coss’ Forbidden Orchard is telling you
the story of a secret garden littered with great
fruit trees and unknown pleasures…

Steffen Kirchhoff and Maywa are teaming up
as Aluna to transform this journey into a
contemporary ceremony guided by ancient
patterns and a divine voice.

Our dearest friend Arutani discovering time
and space with his version of the Orchard.
Deep triggering rhythms meet gently layered
spheres right to the middle of nowhere.


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