m e t a n o i a



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  • Label: metanoia
  • Release: 12 Jan, 2018
  • Catalog No: METANOIA032

The world belongs to those who let go.

It’s been a sweet 2017 for metanoia, thank you so much
for supporting our artists, releases and spirit.
Launching this hub three years ago, we provide
a spellbook of 32 releases and there is much more to come.

To inject our message more directly into your limbic system,
we’ll start our event series in march this year.
We’re happy to share our flow with you, just stay tuned.

Our good friend and newest emissary Arutani, is coming up
with this lovely “Cenizas” EP, supported with nice remixes
by Niju and Avem.

Enjoy this superb collection of songs made for initmate
and dethrottled moments…

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