m e t a n o i a



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  • Label: metanoia
  • Release: 20 Feb, 2017
  • Catalog No: METANOIA025
  • David Benjamin - Brujo

  • David Benjamin - Brujo (Julian Wassermann Remix)

  • David Benjamin - Brujo (959er Remix)

  • David Benjamin - Brujo (Numen's Namaste Version)

  • David Benjamin - Brujo (coss' Jazz Version)

A Brujo will always have the power of his guardian spirit, to give him strength and assist him in his work. In Brujo we see a perfectly modeled descendant of the ancient shaman who stays close to the old principles by which his grandfather lived.

For our 25th release, it is with great pleasure that our David Benjamin collaborated with four of his favorite artists for four remixes of our new EP “Brujo”. Brujo is characterized by colorful diversity and might become your own transcendant guardian spirit.

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