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Gottlieb Scheppert

  • Gottlieb Scheppert - Zahar

  • Gottlieb Scheppert - Zahar (Kleintierschaukel ft. Chrischou Remix)

  • Gottlieb Scheppert - Schaufel

Shortly after he started walking, Gottlieb Scheppert was making music.

Perhaps this is why he feels so comfortable in the world of Slow Deep Tech. His live sets are made entirely of home-recorded drum and percussion samples, analog synthesizers and circuit bend sounds, as well as self-recorded sounds from his field recorder, which he breathes his creative energy into.

Gottlieb isn’t scared to pickup a child’s playtoy to generate and sample the sounds he is looking for. His music is playful, slow at times, but never boring, sprinkled with suspense and always a consistent drive. His unique and beautiful sounds really convey the love that he has put into them. His live performances have been heard across Europe in Berlin, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Cologne and Spain.

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