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coss & iorie – Nautilus – free download

Hypnotizing percussion cycles and laid-back synths from another century entangle with a muted guitar riff, a distorted bassline gets stacked up by flirring arpeggiators. Various slowly twirling layers tease the listener towards a climax, which is finally reached when coss and iorie arrange all elements in perplexing harmony. via Tal[…]

Christoph Woerner | Take the Deal

Enjoy this beautiful selection of songs Tracklist ‘Take the Deal’ 1. Alexander Scharf – Sketches of Karl-Heinz-Klepatzki 2. Ʋiqtourson – Low Tide 3. Mynth – Lola (Oberst & Buchner Remix) 4. Coss – Mana (Kleintierschaukel Remix) 5. Thomas Murphy & Praymond – Cadillac 6. Coss – Tonal (Luca Musto Remix) 7. Xique Xique – Xaxoeira (Nicola Cruz Remix) 8. Upercent – Pedres (David Keno remix) 9. Cacao Trio (K.E.E.N.E. & Gonzo-Gonzo)[…]

Popov Marconi – Mahabharata Rediyo (महाभारत रेडियो)

Mahabharata Rediyo (महाभारत रेडियो) 01. Hang Playing Hedge Monkeys ••• This Is Bindi 02. Gama ••• Tiny crack in the window 03. Mohd Rafi ••• Kya Hua Tera Wada (bᎥᏞᏞᎽ ᏟᎪsᎾ Edit) 04. Nato ••• Champa 05. Hol Bauman ••• Radio Bombay 06. Itom Lab ••• Eshakani 07. Kincsem •••[…]